Just a quick update for those interested in what’s going on with Wufoo.

1) JUST UPDATED THE DEMO : http://wufoo.com/demo/

While we’ve been adding a ton of new features for the Beta people, we just finally got around to updating our little public demo. Some of the new things to look out for is improved address, date and phone fields that are much more friendly to our international audience.

2) FAQ AND SCREENSHOTS : http://wufoo.com/about/

Long time coming, but we finally got around to answering some of the more common questions about Wufoo and our plans for the service. There’s also some nice screenshots of some of the other sections and features our beta testers have been enjoying.


So far, we’ve only been testing the system with a relatively small group of beta testers (about 150 people). The feedback that they’ve given us, in addition to the comments from people trying out the Public Demo, has been incredibly helpful in helping us shape the interface and focus on features people need. Now that we’re on our fancy new servers (Thanks Bitpusher.com!), we’re going to be opening up to a lot more people over the next few weeks.


We’re very close to launch, my friends. Very. Close.

Alright, that does it for the update. We are psyched about everyone being able to use Wufoo soon. We love creating it and love the way people are excited about it. Please keep the feedback coming!

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Chris Campbell

Wufoo Updates by Chris Campbell

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  1. jblaine · 4 years ago

    So rad.

  2. Yannick · 4 years ago

    Looking awesome guys. Can’t wait!

  3. Matt Heerema · 4 years ago

    Wufoo frickin rocks

  4. 3stripe · 4 years ago

    This looks like it could be a lifesaver. Bring on the launch :)

  5. Morris Trayne · 4 years ago

    COME ON! It’s ten days later! GIVE BIRTH Already! A second level beta is not a full release… you can still fix lil whoopsy and we will forgive you. Jump off the back porch to induce labor if necessary! We are queued up to be your BetaMoires!

  6. Troy Schmidt · 4 years ago

    Man oh man is this thing awesome. A GREAT builder. I always did hate having to create forms, validation, etc. Now for someone to take that headache away, but if I want to still have the headache, but not the design I can do that too.

  7. Daniel · 4 years ago

    There’s a typo under the heading “What can I build with Woofoo?” I think it should read “…to give you an idea….”

  8. Matt Massey · 4 years ago

    Still desiring this HARDCORE for a website I am doing. Need to be able to store the field info in my own server, etc… possibility? How powerful will the API be???

  9. weisheng · 4 years ago

    Looking good! How are you guys going to pick up new beta testers? Is it a closed process or are you opening up applications?

  10. Chris Campbell · 4 years ago

    Thanks, Weisheng. If you’re looking to test out the beta, just head to wufoo.com and click on “sign up”. We’ll be opening up the beta soon, so the wait won’t be too long.

  11. JabbyPanda · 4 years ago

    First of all, I was a fan of Wufoo since early demo became public back in Feb 2006.

    Now, I notice you had abandoned the usage of Flash completely, I guess in favour to calm down angry Linux users who do not have Flash player 8 ( now Flash player 9) installed at their machines.

    Any other reasons to dump Flash? No added value to the end-user with Flash based animations in Wufoo?

    Anyway, guys, Wufoo looks terrific!

    I only wondering, when I look at http://wufoo.com//scripts/demo.js how much does it take to implement such a complex JS library?

  12. Chris Campbell · 4 years ago

    Part of the reason of taking away Flash was for the linux guys and part was because a large percentage of users did not have Flash 8. Flash 7 did not have some of the functionality used in 8, so when confronted with rewriting the form builder in Flash 7 or javascript, we went with javascript.

    We still use Flash for our reporting tools, but they only require Flash 6.

  13. weisheng · 4 years ago

    Thanks for the update Chris, looking forward to the extended beta.