After moving to Silicon Valley, 6 months of development, and many many caffeinated beverages, we’re proud to announce that Wufoo has launched and is open to the public.

Wufoo is an Internet application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun. Because we host everything, all you need is a browser, an Internet connection and a few minutes to build a form and start using it right away.

These were some of the most intense months of our lives and we thank our family, friends, investors, beta testers, the community, and the corner store that was open late late and had an endless supply of Sunkist for helping us make it out alive.

To learn more about Wufoo, how we’ll approach feature additions, and form building in general check out the Wufoo blog at

And with all of the work we have done in the past 6 months comes a lot of learning. We’ve got some new techniques and strategies up our sleeves, so hopefully we can provide you all some great content on Particletree in the near future.

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Chris Campbell

Wufoo Launches! by Chris Campbell

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  1. Brad · 4 years ago

    Wufoo is one of my favourite Web 2.0 apps. It’s really easy to use and it looks great - you should be proud!

  2. Colin D. Devroe · 4 years ago

    Congratulations on the launch fellas. I know it was a ton of hard work, and I’m happy to see you reach this milestone.

  3. Sally Carson · 4 years ago

    Congratulations guys! I’ve been keeping my eye on Wufoo since the early Beta release sneek peaks. Great idea for an app. You guys are just consistently turning out amazing work. Go Wufoo!

  4. weisheng · 4 years ago

    Great stuff, will be looking to customise a form of my own soon. I’m sure the response has been overwhelming!

  5. kuswanto · 4 years ago

    Cool, i am waiting so long for Wufoo, now lets taste the cookie :)

  6. Rafael S. · 4 years ago

    Good luck guys! I found you through YCombinator, and just saw your site. I look forward to using your forms in some new projects.

    Also, I hope to meet you in Silicon Valley, as I will move there to start my venture as well.