Programming at a high level on a day to day basis requires grit, determination, and stimulants. To satisfy the third requirement, some programmers go with coffee, others prefer caffeinated beverages, and a few might try not-so-kosher stimulants. I’m a big fan of cherry coke zero myself, but I’ve noticed that in order to get the full caffeinated boost that soft drinks have to offer, you have to drink them while their cold. The problem is that sodas do not stay cold for very long at room temperature, and if you’re a “sipper” like me, then you may not be utilizing all of the heart rate increasing effects that your beverage has to offer.

This is where man’s greatest invention comes into play. The Thermos stainless steel can insulator will not only revolutionize the way you drink, but it’ll change the way you program. This “virtually unbreakable, stainless-steel vacuum thermos” will keep your beverage extra chilled and have your heart racing for hours. The code will almost write itself. It fits in drink holders, looks good, and keeps your drinks colder than any comparable product. Don’t just take my word, but take a look at some scientific evidence proving just how effective the Thermos actually is.

“We found that the Thermos can cozy did indeed outperform the two most effective cozies from our previous trials, a traditional foam can cozy, and the pewter and foam Jeff Gordon commemorative NASCAR cozy. After one hour, the beer in the Thermos can holder was 53.4F (11.9C), compared to 58.6F (14.8C) in the foam cozy and 58.2F (14.6C) in the pewter and foam cozy. The uninsulated can was 69.2F (20.1C). So, it lived up to one of its claims by outperforming any cozy we could find.”

I’m sorry to disappoint all of you Jeff Gordon fans out there, but science is science and the Thermos is the undisputed champion of beverage coolers. All kidding aside, the Thermos is one of my favorite all time purchases, and this thing even keeps drinks cool at the beach under the hot Florida sun. If you’re a programmer who needs a constant supply of caffeine and/or sugar, the Thermos is $20 very well spent. And it will boost productivity by 227%.

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Chris Campbell

The Amazing Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator by Chris Campbell

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  1. Julius · 3 years ago

    Have you tried the Energy Vitamin Water? I like Coke Zero as well, but Vitamin Water makes a good soda substitute. As far as insulation, we all just share Ben’s mini-fridge.

  2. Chris Campbell · 3 years ago

    I have tried the vitamin water, and it’s not bad at all, but I think I need the caffeine. I’ve also tried a mini-fridge, but it never seems to stock itself. The main fridge does seem to stay stocked, though. Go figure.

  3. Will Asrari · 3 years ago

    XS Energy is my drink of choice.

  4. Izmet · 3 years ago

    Coffee is my preferred caffeine source. But now I will have to try the Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator because I do live in Florida - where it is very hot, right now - and I like very cold beer. So thanks for the tip!