Amidst the hype created by last month’s Web 2.0 conference, a number of people questioned the technologies we refer to as Web 2.0. We still don’t know exactly what Web 2.0 is, how it will impact the future, or if it is just a bunch of hype to sell books. Here are some of the articles I came across in the last month which take a look at possible Web 2.0 pitfalls.

  • Web 2.0: Is It Just Hype - The author believes the web should not be cataloged in stages and web 2.0 is just a buzzword created to spur business. To quote the author, “It’s not a project with a start and finish timeline. It evolves. When the first phone came to be, it didn’t get names like Phone 1.0 or Phone BC (before cell).”

  • The Era of Web 2.Over - While the author believes O’Reilly’s essay was good, he would like to hear more about how we learn from web 2.0 and where the future of the web is headed.

  • Web 2.0 Cracks Start to Show - Talks about some of the weaknesses Web 2.0 is showing, particularly where thousands of people’s input is included. According to the article, “When you invite the whole world to your party, inevitably someone pees in the beer.”

  • The Amorality of Web 2.0 - When the content we read (i.e. Wikipedia and Blogs) are created by amateurs and freely distributed, is that better than mainstream news or Britannica?

  • O’Reilly: What Is Web 2.0 - Take a look at this if you’re still curious about what Web 2.0 is. The article is long, but it provides one of the better breakdowns on what they believe Web 2.0 is and how it differs from its predecessor

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Chris Campbell

Questioning Web 2.0 by Chris Campbell

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  1. Mislav · 5 years ago

    An article that fits well in this roundup - 10 Issues Facing Web 2.0 Going Into 2006. “Aging Poster Childs” is an issue right on the spot, but all of them need to be seriously considered.

  2. Mislav · 5 years ago

    Again, a correction :) The plural is children

  3. nickol · 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.

  4. angel · 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.