We’re asked a lot about what sites we’re looking at to keep track of information, find inspiration and use as resources for the stuff with do on Particletree. Since we use our del.icio.us accounts in atypical ways, we decided it would be better to share our individual OPML feeds.

It’s interesting to see how each of our personalities show up in our reading habits. If you want to learn more about OPML, here are some sites and information to help understand what to do with the above. If you have any interesting OPML feeds or resources, definitely share them with us. We’re always on the look out for good things to read.

How can I Import OPML to Newsgator?

If you have an existing OPML file with your feeds, you can import it by going to the “Add a Feed” page and clicking on “Import feeds”.

How can I Import OPML to Bloglines?
Once you have registered with Bloglines and replied to the confirmation email, click on the My Feeds tab at the top of the screen. Then, click on the Edit link. At the bottom of the left panel will be a link to import subscriptions. The subscription list must be in OPML format.

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Kevin Hale

Particletree OPML Feeds by Kevin Hale

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  1. happy happy hippo · 5 years ago

    “We’re asked a lot abotu what site’s we’re looking at to keep track of information”

    You guyes aren’t Canadian by any chance? Love the data you have on your web site.

  2. Gerard McGarry · 5 years ago

    Kevin: Another great article – have been a regular particletree reader since your debut on 9rules!

    I think a few real-world examples of OPML use might be worthwhile. I don’t think it’s proved a business-case yet…unlike RSS.

  3. NewsGator Support · 5 years ago

    For NewsGator …. sign in and go here: http://www.newsgator.com/ngs/subscriber/SubImport.aspx