Lazy Web Weekend Request : Built in ftp that doesn’t suck for OS X, specifically the ability to upload ftp files with the Finder.

Thank you.

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Kevin Hale

OS X FTP by Kevin Hale

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  1. Bryan · 5 years ago

    I don’t know of a built in one but I use Trasmit at work and it does everything I need it to. Hope that helps.

  2. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Yeah, that’s what I use Bryan or sftp with skedit. Just wish I could drap and drop files to a dynamic/smart folder on my desktop.

  3. Jake Tracey · 5 years ago

    Have you checked out the transmit widget? You can drag and drop files into it and it uploads to a specified server and path. Unfortunately, it actually opens Transmit to do this, but I think that there might be other widgets that do the same thing without launching an application.