If you’re wondering whether the whole paid advertising thing is worth your time and money, or if you just want some free advertising, Microsoft is giving away $200 worth of free ad clicks when you sign up for their AdCenter program before January 15th. Note that it does cost $5 to open up an account and a $5 service fee will be charged for each month of usage. It’s still not a bad deal if you’d like to gain some familiarity with pay per click advertising.

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Chris Campbell

Microsoft Offers $200 in Free Advertising by Chris Campbell

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  1. Tony · 4 years ago

    It should be mentioned that the offer is valid for U.S. residents only =(

  2. Sarah Lewis · 4 years ago

    I signed up on this but I’m a little concerned based on Robyn’s recent experience: http://sleepyblogger.com/?p=507

    Do you know of any way to protect against this? I’m using a credit card, so if things go awry, I’ll dispute the charges, but I’d like to avoid the hassle entirely if I can.

  3. Indranil · 4 years ago

    It sounds like a good deal, but alas, it’s US only. I could’ve used with some advertising dough at this time. :P Do you think it’s possible to get someone in the US to pay for you?

  4. Chris Campbell · 4 years ago

    Yeah, that kind of sucks that it’s only for the U.S.

    Sarah, I haven’t played around with everything yet, but they might have a feature similar to adwords that stops displaying ads at X dollar amount. So if you only wanted $200 worth of ads to show, only $200 will show. But, if you don’t specify a maximum amount, the ads will continue to run.