A few months ago, a number of posts went out providing descriptions for developers to self-rank themselves in regards where they’re at on the totem pole of various web development concepts. They’re a lot of fun to look over and a great way to see how far you’ve got to go to really know your stuff. They’re all gathered here for your convenience and posterity.

Levels of Web Development Knowledge

  • Levels of CSS Knowledge - Emil Stenstrom got the party started with his descriptions of how various people depending on their background react to CSS.

  • Levels of HTML Knowledge - “For some people, these levels are stages that they pass while learning more and more about HTML, gradually understanding concepts such as web standards, semantics, and accessibility. Others are at a certain level because it matches their attitude towards HTML and coding in general.”

  • Levels of JavaScript Knowledge - This is my favorite version of the Levels of Knowledge idea. Dean uses code rather than descriptions to make his points. The comments are great.

  • Levels of Accessibility Knowledge - I’m not sure how many people are doing their best to rise to the top of the Accessibility Knowledge pyramid, but Joe Clark does a great job making it a lot of fun to read about.

  • Levels of Knowledge Sharing - Cedric Husler hates it when people generally have a good feeling when they finished writing a Word document and send it on as an email attachment to their coworkers/friends. They could do so much better with different technology.

Further Reading

  • Bloom’s Levels of Learning - If you want to know where this meme really started, check out this quick introduction. All this leveling is based on the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Very quickly the levels are: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation.

  • What’s Your Level of Knowledge? - And this is just a great essay by Beth Dean about the importance of advancing up the levels of knowledge and how it affects our customers and users.

HTML Form Builder
Kevin Hale

Levels of Web Development Knowledge by Kevin Hale

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  1. Webstandard-Team · 4 years ago

    nice Knowledge-LinkCollection - Thx

  2. Joshua Curtiss · 4 years ago

    LOL! The JavaScript link was great! Thanks.

  3. Emil Stenström · 4 years ago

    Thanks for picking this up again :)

  4. Rein Groot · 4 years ago

    Wonderful examples of making the ‘untouchable’ ‘touchable’. I am amazed by the how the examples are no were near ‘black and white statements’ but still hit the bull right between the eyes :)

    Having said this, I was wondering if it would be possible to go a step further (or add a layer). I would be very interested to know if you could put a price tag on each of the levels (maybe even per field).

    For instance, I tend to see that most freelancers who offer their services for about 40-55 euro an hour are in the 3 level (be it HTML, CSS, or any other).

    Would you agree or do you have different experiences/insights? And does Europe differ in this from the States?

  5. Linola · 4 years ago

    It`s still a way to go - THX for the links!