Dean Allen and his crew over at Textpattern HQ have just announced that Release Candidate 5 is now available. It’s only been like a week since RC4 was released (we were actually in the middle of writing an article about our experiences upgrading) and apparently the developers are moving towards Feature Lockdown.

I gots two words for the TXP developers: En fuego.

Great job guys, we’re looking forward to 1.0 with great anticipation.

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Kevin Hale

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  1. Ted Garvin · 5 years ago

    Have you guys actually tried out Texpattern? If you have, what are your thoughts. How does it compare to MovableType?

  2. Ryan Campbell · 5 years ago

    This site is currently running on TextPattern. It does everything we need it to right now, and has not presented any major problems. Kevin has played around a lot with MT, so I’ll let him answer the comparison part.

  3. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Textpattern has a learning curve that’s quite a bit steeper than Movabletype and the documentation isn’t the best right now since they’re still pre 1.0. Both have great forum/support communities and a good deal of plugin development. I will, however, admit that I think WordPress might be even more ridiculous on the development/plugin scene, but I only have limited experience working with those followers.

    Movabletype is my first love and it definitely could have done the job easily here for Particletree. We just really liked the price (free!) and wanted try new things. Just to let you know how awesome MT is, we ran into some problems with the RC4 upgrade a few weeks ago and we started implementing a “nuclear” option in case things couldn’t get ironed out.

    Basically, installed MT’s 3.2 beta, a lot of plugins and had duplicate working copy of Particletree running on another folder in about 12 hours. Only thing that stopped us was we got TXP working smoothly again and we definitely preferred NOT having to do a db migration.

    Anyway, definitely play with both and see what you’re comfortable with … I think the only mistake you could make is not taking them for a test drive.

  4. Ted Garvin · 5 years ago

    Thanks. Appreciate the reply!