If you’ve ever had to start a new web project from scratch, you probably found yourself in the difficult situation of trying to select the best technologies for the job. To help you with your decisions, I’ve organized a few popular “battles” to get you informed quickly. While there are no real winners and losers, I can’t tell you how much I love me a good web 2.0 fight. So nerdy, yet so satisfying. ASP.Net vs PHP

PHP vs Python

PHP vs Ruby (By Popular Demand)

Python vs Ruby

Python vs Ruby vs Perl

Ajax vs Flash

mySQL vs SQL Server

SQL Server vs Oracle

SQL Server vs Oracle vs mySQL

IIS vs Apache

Apache vs. Lighttpd

Web Server Cage Matches

HTML Form Builder
Kevin Hale

Web 2.0 Tournament by Kevin Hale

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  1. Jamie Tibbetts · 5 years ago

    The cage match I want to see is PHP vs Ruby.

  2. Peter Leing · 5 years ago

    I’d like to point out that in the mySQL vs SQL Server section Round One and Round Three are the same article, just hosted on different sites.

  3. Elliot Swan · 5 years ago
    The cage match I want to see is PHP vs Ruby.

    Same here.

  4. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Oh man, Peter. Silly me. I’ll find another one and replace it. Thanks.

  5. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    I’ve added a PHP vs Ruby battle up there, but I think in Round Three, which is actually a review by a Java developer trying out both frameworks, you’ll see something that I’ve noticed a lot of people doing: trying to compare PHP vs Ruby on Rails, which is a very different kind of fight. That’s a server side language versus a framework and so… I think when you’re facing that kind of decision, it’s more about development style than head to head comparison. Just something to be aware of.

  6. Wesley Walser · 5 years ago

    How dare you give me so much reading all at once. How am I going to clean out my feed reader and get all of this reading done too?


  7. Nathan Smith · 5 years ago

    Clear the streets people, and put the children to bed. Push aside any loan tumbleweeds, tie up the horses, and get ready for a showdown!

    For some odd reason, this reminds me of Back to the Future III, where Marty has to pistol duel the bad guy. Anyway, enough from me.

  8. Sherwin Techico · 5 years ago

    Great matchups. How about Java vs ASP, Java vs PHP and/or PHP vs ASP?

  9. James Archer · 5 years ago

    Will the results be in the sports section tomorrow?

  10. Tor Bollingmo · 5 years ago

    Sold Out: XHTML vs. HTML

  11. Lisa McMillan · 5 years ago

    Another highly bookmarkable read by Particletree! Thanks much, Kevin, for more “I wish I had time to read all of this” material.

    If this becomes a regular-ish column or you make any further additions, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Django vs. Cake vs. Rails one. It’s almost Python vs PHP vs Ruby, but on the frameworks rather than the languages… I’m loving Rails, but would love to see what people are saying about the others, if at all, and any comparisons, outside the languages they sit under.

    If I find any (or actually find the time to write it myself) I’ll let you know :-)

  12. Eric Anderson · 5 years ago

    Great stuff, but I wonder where all the Java vs ASP.Net and Java vs PHP articles are? Seems others would love this too (it would settle a fav. argument at my job).

  13. Lasse Langhorn · 5 years ago

    Great battle board. But what about some articles about Java portal development? Many developers use Java Web frameworks including myself. It could also be nice to include PostgreSQL which is an outstanding open source database.