Well, it’s official. The Yahoo! Search Blog finally announced the winners of their Y!Q Challenge and we won Third Place for our Lazy Linking implementation. Now that the contest is over, we’ll be releasing the details and a tutorial on how we created Lazy Linking soon.

Thanks to everyone on the Yahoo! Search Team for the sweet prize and congrats to the other winners.

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Kevin Hale

Y!Q Challenge Update : Bronze Medal! by Kevin Hale

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  1. Alex Giron · 5 years ago

    By far the best implementation was on this site. The minute I saw it I knew it would be up there… I tried with one of my sites http://www.dealsarchive.com but was way too lazy to customize the script.

    Anyways great job!


  2. Stefan · 5 years ago

    Did I already tell you that it doesn’t work with Safari? ;-)

  3. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Stefan, here’s how I understand the problem with it not working in Safari: Yahoo’s dhtml pop-up is using javascript to pull search results from their domain. Because this is a going to another domain to pull information, Safari’s javascript handler won’t allow because that’s a security no-no. Firefox and IE seem to have no problems going across domains to pull information from Yahoo. Anyway, that’s why the dhtml pop-up works on yahoo’s news page but not on ours.

    On Particletree, we’re using a modified version of their javascript because if you were to take their Y!Q script directly, it would actually send you to a yahoo search results page rather than pop something up.

  4. Stefan · 5 years ago

    Thanks for your explanation, Kevin. I’m a bit surprised that IE and Firefox actually do allow JavaScripts to interchange data cross-site; I thought they would be more strict. Anyway I am quite convinced that with the ongoing increase of all these AJAXian scripts the browser vendors will (have to) tighten the security-belts in this area. Whether this is a Good Thing or not—we’ll see …