There’s a lot of talk on how businesses succeed because of the execution of an idea instead of the idea itself. But where do the ideas you should execute come from? For some people, there are too many ideas and not enough time. Others spend their entire lives waiting for that Eureka! moment. Whether you need some help finding ideas, or want to know if your idea is worth persuing, take a look at what others have to say on generating business ideas.

  • How to come up with Breakthrough Ideas - “Brilliant, wildly creative people can pull breakaway ideas from thin air. The rest of us need tools. EQing is the tool we used to design the Head First series, and we’ve been using it ever since.”

  • Ideas For Startups - Paul Graham believes an initial idea is easy generate and that, “most startups end up nothing like the initial idea. It would be closer to the truth to say the main value of your initial idea is that, in the process of discovering it’s broken, you’ll come up with your real idea.”

  • Where Do Great Ideas Come From? - Ideas can come from pretty much anywhere including, friends, work, failure, fear, frustration, your kids, or a complete stranger.

  • Find a Need and Fill It - Ideas are only good ideas if they fill a need. “Most dot com businesses failed because they didn’t fill a clearly defined need. A new product, new technology, new ideas for doing business - these don’t matter unless you can demonstrate a need that is getting met by these products, technology and ideas.”

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Chris Campbell

Where do Ideas Come From? by Chris Campbell

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  1. javed · 5 years ago

    thnaks! this is really a nice piece….will surely blog about it…

  2. Heiko · 5 years ago

    Interesting tipps those articles. Great inspiration! Sometimes it would be better to take time to think about new ideas and creative applications. Its not easy to take time during the daily work.

  3. Colin Fitz-gerald · 5 years ago

    Your email does not work for me on your advertise page

  4. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    Hi Colin,


  5. rick oconnell · 5 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug. How true! this guy (me) though ignorant to programming is excited about social enterprise, social entrepeneurs, education reform (read revolution) and free exchange of ideas in both “for” and nonprofit ventures and the effect web2.0 may haved on al the foregoing. Wow, wordy do I become! Thanks for your thoughts and take a look at my new, firstborn web publishing splat I call Thanxs and best thinking wishes, rick

  6. Paul · 5 years ago

    I agree totally with the point whether a business succeed or not is very much is dependent on the execution of an idea instead of the idea itself.

    You might have the best idea in the world, without executing it correctly and in a timely manner, success is never close.

    Take for example, almost every programmer out there can write similar program as such. Does it ensure success? No, it does not.

    You need to execute it ‘correctly’.