A Proud Member of the 9rules Network

Seriously, left field, I know, but it’s done and we’re drinking Tequila and shouting Fiesta! and singing dirty Mexican songs because we can—because we think the network is good and the good is worth being a part of.

Here’s the story for those that want it: Last week, we received an email from Paul Scrivens about joining the network and because we knew the chap was in our neck of the woods and because we had planned on writing about the 9rules Network on our site anyway, we did the natural thing and met him for lunch, talked to him in person, looked him in the eye. And then we watched Ryan dribble sauce over the front of his shirt.

Basically, we asked a lot of questions and Paul returned with a lot of honesty and a lot exciting ideas. Yeah, he talks big (probably because he is big—i mean, dude, the man is tall as hell), but he’s got a genuine flavor that’s hard to beat and so it was pretty easy get behind both his ideas and the network.

Particletree is just three guys working hard to challenge web development to be both exciting and fun. We’ve done a lot in the last two months and we think we can do even more now that we’ve added to our arsenal of resources every member of the 9rules Network. They’re just the kind of people we’d want to ask about successful programming, design and business on the web and so take comfort in the fact that we’ll be passing on the great information to you, our readers, our followers, our colleagues, our potential employers, our potential customers, our friends.

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Kevin Hale

We Joined the 9rules Network by Kevin Hale

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  1. Brian Benzinger · 5 years ago

    Congratulations guys. That is great news. Ever since your blog started, I have loved all the helpful articles on development, etc. Best of luck with the 9rules network!

    … What did you guys have for lunch? =p

  2. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    Chili’s Brian. Nothing says we’re classy and serious yet outgoing and fun like Chili’s. We wanted to make a good impression after all.

  3. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Really? That’s why we chose Chili’s? I thought it was the Sizzler that was both classy and fun. Honestly, my vote was for the All-You-Can-Eat-of-Six-Different-Meats place called Whistle Junction. Only place I know where I can make a grouper/steak/chicken/shrimp/salmon/tapioca sandwich. Now that will show you something serious and outgoing.

  4. Scrivs · 5 years ago

    Well I was hoping for one of two things:

    1) You would’ve picked the all you can eat chinese buffet down the street

    2) You would’ve ordered some shots of Patron so we could have had a REALLY interesting meeting.

    In any case I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing more of this great content coming from you guys. Glad I didn’t come off as too scary.

  5. Bryan · 5 years ago

    Welcome to the group guys. You have a wonderful site and I have read it multiple times. Great content!

    Its great knowing all these passionate people about wanting to change the face of the web. 9Rules wil be a better place with you in it.

    off topic – just how tall are you Scrivs?

  6. Brian Benzinger · 5 years ago

    Awesome, Chili’s is a definite pleaser for me. Oh my, the Baby Back Ribs are to die for! But then again, All-You-Can-Eat buffets are damn amazing. Especially the Chinese food ones. I can eat for ever there. Well, not really because we all get full eventually, but… you get what I’m saying.

    Scrivs has the idea, Chinese Buffet. We have a knock off of Chinese Buffet called, Century Buffet. Hah!

    Well, glad you guys kept it classy. Very respectable =p

  7. Shawn Grimes · 5 years ago

    Congratulations and welcome to the network guys. You’ve got a really great site here and I have been reading some of the great articles here and all I can say is keep up the great work. I’ve found some very useful information here thus far.

  8. Scrivs · 5 years ago

    74 inches…

    That’s how tall I am…

    Don’t get the wrong idea…

  9. Bryan Veloso · 5 years ago

    That’s great! From one 9rules rookie to another, welcome to the team! Yes! More fun to be had!

  10. Ballwalkin' Mike · 5 years ago

    I’ve been coming to this site almost daily since early June and I must say that the quality of the articles and links never disappoint me.


  11. Nathan Smith · 5 years ago

    Great to have you guys in the network! I have really enjoyed the articles that y’all have written thus far, and even though your site is pretty new, it is obvious that you are going places (other than Mexico) fast.

    Congrats on the Yahoo lazy link award too, see ya on the 9forum, make sure to add your IM info there.