There is nothing like waking up, strolling downstairs to the good ole computer, and finding out that two of your favorite web development tools have been updated. If I can finish this post fast enough, I can share the goodness with the west coasters because they should be waking up right about now.

Anyways, Notepad++ released version 3.6 a few days ago, so if you are on Windows then be sure to go grab it. While the Notepad++ updates are minor, the new Firebug updates are amazing (via Ajaxian). A debugger now comes included with the extension among other changes. And not just any debugger, but one that is easy to use.

Have at it. Go download Notepad++ and Firebug!

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Ryan Campbell

Waking Up To Updates by Ryan Campbell

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  1. Dustin Diaz · 4 years ago

    I think Notepad++ is going to be my new best friend seeing the newest features. This may very well be the end of Dreamweaver on my home computer. And that update on Firebug… I really like the debugger. It’s about darndest time! Now we just need some plugins that allow us to log comments into Firebug within JavaScript.