This Friday is the last day to choose your favorite panels and sessions for SXSW 2007. I was impressed that Hugh and his group of Interactive cronies went all Web 2.0 on us trying to democritize the experiences available. In the end it’s up to the organizers, but it’s great to know they’re up for listening to their “users.”

That said, we’re here to influence the vote! If you’re up for experiencing some Particletree action on the stage in Austin, vote for the following ideas we’ve submitted to the Panel Picker. Because honestly, a vote Particletree is a vote for awesome. Either way, if you’re going or thinking of going to SXSW this year, definitely check out the menu and show your favorites your love.

  • Ten Ways to Run a Startup Like Genghis Khan
    By Kevin Hale
    In twenty-five years, the Mongol army subjugated more lands and people than the Romans had conquered in four hundred years. Whether measured by the total number of people defeated, the sum of the countries annexed, or by the total area occupied, Genghis Khan conquered more than twice as much as any other man in history and he did it all with an army that was nearly always outnumbered 3 to 1 on the battlefield. While every technique doesn’t always translate well, we’ll show you ten that works great in a startup.
    Categories: business / funding / entrepreneurial · how to

  • Web App Autopsy
    By Chris Campbell and Ryan Campbell
    There’s a lot you can learn from just looking at your own code line by line. Join us as we dissect a live web application that uses modern web technologies and see how the code can show us what it took to create a web app from idea to launch. We’ll answer questions about conversion ratios, after launch concerns, scaling issues, code line counts, and how much does Ajax really help or hurt, and at what cost to development time? Does implementing a payment system really take a third of your code? Find out the answers to these and much more as we see which business processes were the easiest to implement by looking at code length, time to implement, and the support required.
    Categories: browsers / web apps · hacks / programming

  • The Changing (Inter)face of Data Entry
    By Kevin Hale
    While a great deal of transformation and focus have come to interfaces dealing with data visualization and interaction on the web, the world of data entry seems to always be relegated to the backseat of the imagination. Well, not anymore. Join us as we raise the goblet to data entry and tour the interfaces that shape (and will shape) the way web applications are designed for today and tomorrow.
    Categories: web design / graphics

  • JavaScript Library Showdown
    By Ryan Campbell
    The rise of web applications is proportionally linked to the rise of Javascript libraries enabling developers to deliver more punch with less time and code. In this showdown, we’ll face-off the four most popular Javascript libraries and toolkits and unearth some sound strategies to help you choose the most appropriate weapon for your development environment. We’ll also dispel some of the most common myths and assumptions made by developers when working with libraries and toolkits.
    Categories: browsers / web apps · hacks / programming

  • Using the Long Tail to Fight the Mirror
    By Kevin Hale
    Every Office 2.0 application develops against a mirror in the desktop world. This mirror doesn’t always translate well to a browser environment and is unfortunately always referred to feature-by-feature to see how well you match against your predecessor. With a little help from some Long Tail Theory, we’ll give you some solid reasons why copying every Microsoft Word feature might not be in you or your users’ best interest and how we determine which features are worth porting over and which should be left behind.
    Categories: hacks / programming · web 2.0

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