, which is operated by Ziff Davis (the people responsible for PC Magazine) is featuring a very fun interview between Stephen Bryant and me about Particletree’s work on Treehouse. It was a little odd sitting on the other side of the interview fence, but Stephen wrote some good questions and that always makes things easy. There’s some interesting back story and production stuff in there for those that like to know “behind-the-scenes” information so definitely, check it out.

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Kevin Hale

Treehouse on by Kevin Hale

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  1. Juls · 5 years ago

    …but I was most interested in the fact that it was easier for me to layer 57 pictures of the Queen’s head on top of each other (I was weird in college).

    I don’t believe you’ve changed much after college, Kevin. Also, when can I get my hands on a Particle Tree shirt?