The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki is an entrepreneurial reference guide filled with practical advice and useful nuggets of information. Kawasaki, who is a venture capitalist and ex-Apple Employee, comes off friendly and writes in a down to earth manner that’s easy to understand and fun to read thanks to his keen sense of humor. The book is very comprehensive, covering: positioning, planning, pitching, bootstrapping, branding, and even hiring.

>I’ve never sat through a pitch by an entrepreneur trying to raise money, an employee trying to get management approval for a new product, or a not-for-profit hoping to secure a grant and thought, I wish the speaker had spent the first fifteen minutes explaining his life story. While you’re busy warming them up, your listeners are inevitably wondering, What does his organization do?

>· Chapter 3 : The Art of Pitching, pg 45

Kawaski tells it like it is and you don’t feel like he’s wasting your time with business fluff. If you are interested in business whether it be profit, non-profit, freelance, or lemonade stand, give this book a try.

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Chris Campbell

The Art Of The Start by Chris Campbell

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