Just a quick note for those that might be interested and in the area, YCombinator is hosting another Startup School on March 24th at Stanford University. The event is free, but the seating is limited so you’ll have to fill out a short application form. If you’re curious what Startup School is all about, here’s a little blurb off of their site.

We’ll have a range of experts speaking on all the things you need to know to start a company: what makes a good startup idea and where to get them; what to look for in a co-founder; how to get angel and VC funding; how to incorporate a company and what agreements founders should have among themselves; when and how to apply for patents; what can go wrong in a startup; what acquirers look for; and how the acquisition process works.

For more info. http://startupschool.org/

Check out this year’s speaker list http://startupschool.org/speakers.html

Application Form http://apps.ycombinator.com/susapply

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Chris Campbell

Startup School 2007 by Chris Campbell

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