Just a quick note for those that might be interested and in the area, YCombinator is hosting another Startup School on April 29th at Stanford University. The event is free, but the seating is limited so you’ll have to fill out a short application form.

For those that don’t know, it’s a full day of incredible presentations by some pretty awesome people in the industry (Paul Graham, cofounder of Excite, cofounder of Hotmail, del.icious founder, Tim O’Reilly, etc) . It was actually the event that convinced us to apply for the Winter Founders Program. We’ll be in attendance (and speaking I believe), so I look forward to seeing some of you there.

For more info. http://startupschool.org/

Startup School Wiki (can download podcasts and ppts of last year’s speakers) http://startupschool.infogami.com/

Check out this year’s speaker list http://startupschool.org/speakers.html

Application Form http://ssapp.wufoo.com/forms/startup-school-application/

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Chris Campbell

Startup School 2006 by Chris Campbell

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  1. Peter · 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info. etl.stanford.edu podcasts are also pretty great.

  2. Diesel · 3 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.

  3. Dominic · 3 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.