Particletree is proud to announce that we are now participating in the work going on over at Web 2.0 Workgroup. After speaking with Frederico Oliverira of WeBreakStuff about the work he’s been doing with popular Web 2.0 desitinations like TechCrunch, Read/WriteWeb, SolutionWatch and Scripting News, we knew we had to get involved. For those who don’t know:

The Web 2.0 Workgroup is a network of premium weblogs that write content exclusively about the new generation of the Web. Combined, these sites reach a large readership of influential technology and media professionals.

Simply put, there are no conditions or qualification rules. It’s just a group of good blogs loosely joined by invitation and friendship. Since we believe the success of Web 2.0 is powered by the relationships forged between developers, the Particletree Team is proud to be associated with such a fine group of individuals.

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Kevin Hale

Particletree Joins Web 2.0 Workgroup by Kevin Hale

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  1. Brian Benzinger · 5 years ago

    Welcome! This is great new :-) I was wondering when you guys were going to get in on the action.