Now that you know how to write effective emails, let’s take a look at how to efficiently deal with incoming emails. Since it’s so easy to check the inbox every two minutes, or file every email away in a folder market “important”, it’s also easy to become much less productive. So, in an effort to help us clean up our inbox, here are some helpful articles on organizing email.

  • Inbox Zero & Email Ninja - 43 Folders comes through again with two roundups containing links to all of their fantastic email articles.

  • Hack Attack: How to Become a Gmail Master - This article deals with labels, filtering, multiple email addresses, searching, and more. According to the author, “Despite my undying love for Gmail, there are still a lot of people who aren’t won over by sheer enthusiasm alone, and still others who just aren’t taking full advantage of the features and functions they’ve got at their fingertips in Gmail.”

  • The Inbox Makeover - By checking your email only once an hour, responding with concise messages, and manually filtering your messages amongst seven different folders, you’ll get more done in less time.

  • Email Overloaded - Itzy Sabo’s blog on email productivity is a goldmine of email productivity tips. With about a years worth of archives to go through, you’ll be an email Jedi in no time.

  • Overcome Email Overload - This online book contains sections on most aspects of email, but chapter 2 is specifically about organizing email.

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Chris Campbell

Organizing Email Roundup by Chris Campbell

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  1. Mark · 4 years ago

    You left out Mark Hurst’s popular treatise:

  2. Tyler · 4 years ago

    Shot for the link to “Hack Attack: How to Become a Gmail Master”