Andy Smith has a great alternative perspective on the rise of pythonic frameworks like django over at his site at devdev2040.

>I can forgive those who have to write Java, the only way to get anything done in Java is to have a framework doing all of it already and jump through the hoops that it tells you to, Java is the businessman and is ready to sign forms in triplicate, but Python was the hippie, and few things are more tragic than seeing a hippie have to sit in a cubicle.

>Why Frameworks Suck

Now, it wouldn’t be a stretch to extend Andy’s comments to the Ruby community and their super-hot framework, Ruby on Rails. Personally, I can go both ways on this one. Frameworks are great for providing programmers efficiency, especially when they’re just creating the same kinds of applications over and over again, but I think it’s just as important for developers to remember that their foundations are sitting on wells of potential and flexibility.

Honestly, I think the forward-thinking and boundry-pushing developers out there sort of already know this. Andy’s article is really a reminder to programmers not to hold on to their security blankets too tightly.

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Kevin Hale

On the Suckage and Non-suckage of Frameworks by Kevin Hale

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