Well, it seems that I am a bit late to the Notepad++ party. My favorite development environment has gotten an upgrade, and version 3.2 offers many promising features. Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Support the project file (save session and load session).

  • Re-design the interface of Styler Configurator (easier to use).

  • Support XP visual style.

My biggest problem with Notepad++ has been file browsing and opening. I would rotate between Notepad++ and other editors like PSPad and PHP Designer because they offered file browsing, and Notepad++ didn’t. To my knowledge, Notepad++ still does not offer file browsing, but they have introduced sessions instead. Sessions remember the last files you had open, and reopen them when you open Notepad++. Additionally, it remembers the path of those files, so if you browse to open a new file, the default path is set to that of your current project.

Read the official announcement to see the entire feature list.

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Ryan Campbell

Notepad++ v3.2 by Ryan Campbell

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  1. Ryan Campbell · 5 years ago

    Instead of changing the original post, here is one more observation for the comments. If you go to Plugins->Function List->View List a window will appear detailing all of the functions in the active file. I don’t remember this being in the last release. Either way, it’s a great feature to be aware of.

  2. Tim · 5 years ago

    Glad to know you guys use Notepad++ too…

    Oh, and I was one of people who suggested the function list on sourcefourge - it’s a feature that appears in Dreamweaver (it’s only redeeming feature) but no where near as well executed as in Notepad++

  3. Stuart Colville · 5 years ago

    Crimson Editor used to be my editor of choice though development of it seemed to stagnate (a new version hasn’t been released since 2004).

    I then discovered Scite the editor by the author who wrote the scintilla editor component that notepad++ is based on. Whilst it’s ok it didn’t quite have everything I was looking for.

    I then started trawling sourceforge for every editor based on scintilla and after checking out a few other examples I discovered notepad++ and ever since my world has been a happy place!

    All that’s needed now is someone to step up to the plate and come up with a Linux version (Scintilla itself is linux compatible)

    I find that notepad++ in conjunction with WinSCP (SFTP client) is a great combination. As I live on the edge, I tend to edit files directly on the server so WinSCP effectively becomes my filebrowser, I just set it to be the default editor. This also works for local files too if you want to play it safe!

  4. Mike Spade · 5 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.

  5. ellardus · 5 years ago

    NotePad ++ is a great editor, I just start using it and it made my coding so much better.

    The color coding really helps giving a clear overview en more important to avoid coding error’s.

    And it’s good to know professionals like you are using it as well.


  6. Régis MOUNIER · 5 years ago

    Notepad++ is the best editor ever ! Thank you guys !

  7. Bertrand AMON · 5 years ago

    It’s v3.4 now!

  8. Melvin Doza · 5 years ago

    3.5 just released!

  9. Animesh Das · 5 years ago

    Amongs FREE Open Source editor :

    Notepad++ is for Windows platform only and is light weight, its a best windows editor for hardcoding! You can use it on even in your P1 machine without any problem. It’s an open source editor thus FREE. http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net

    JEdit is Java based platform indipendent and feature rich editor of choice for many programmers. It has some limitation, in my experience its quite resource intensive if you use it in a old machine. It’s is the oldest free editor and so quite stable and mature. It has big community of developers. It’s plugin based and has lots of plugin. It’s modular plugin architecture made it possible to write plugins of your choice. It’s an open source editor thus FREE. http://www.jedit.org/

    If you want all the bells and whistles along with enterprise feature like debugging of Perl/PHP/TCL, SVN, CVS, etc., Komodo is the best. Its a multi platform commercial IDE from Active State. It’s written in Java and thus resource intensive. But quite stable and VERY VERY ADVANCE for programmers those who prefer hardcoding. Its advance features can save lots of sleepless nights of programmer. http://www.activestate.com/Products/Komodo/

    Dont expect too much feature if you are using old slow machine.

    1) If you have old slow machine use Notepad++. 2) If you have a fast machine and want a free editor use Jedit. 3) If you have a fast machine and ready to spend some bucks for enterprise features use Komodo.

    Overall, In my opinion Notepad++ rocks ! Meant both for slow and fast machines and it’s FREE

  10. Animesh Das · 5 years ago

    Sorry for some spelling mistakes and bad english in my last post. I was in hurry!

  11. Ian · 5 years ago

    I have just started using Notepad++ and am really liking it (my previous favourite EditPlus was nice but not free).

    One feature I like, especially having moved from EditPlus, is the Session feature. However, I would love it to be able to open a session externally. That is, to have a shortcut that opens Notepad++ with a specified Session file loaded up already.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

  12. bib2pouille · 5 years ago

    notepad++ rules… and it is not bigger thant MS notepad !

  13. Carl · 4 years ago

    Quick question on an old thread

    Just started using notepad++ I am used to using Textpad

    the only complaint i have about ++ is that when i go to open or save a file, I have to start from the c:\programfiles\notepad folder and go select the folder I have been working in. Very frustrating.

  14. Paul · 4 years ago

    I love Notepad++, and I use it for all of my smaller development needs along with emacs (I do quite a bit of stuff over ssh). However, I have really been loving the features offered by Eclipse. I have been using Eclipse for about a year now for Java development, without even considering the possibility that the editor could be fully functional for php/perl/javascript/css/xhtml development as well. It’s all about finding the right plugins and reading the included documentation.

    Anyone else use Eclipse for web development?