If you’re having trouble attracting small business customers to your product or service look no further than MasterCard’s section on small business for inspiration. Instead of simply sending a few more credit card applications that are fantastic for paper shredding practice, they’re trying to attract small business customers by creating useful articles aimed at small businesses. The site contains information on business essentials, business planning tools, and even a new section dedicated to podcasts. Not only will people head to the site through word of mouth, but relevant and useful content is the foundation of a good SEO campaign.

There are a couple of faults including the inability to collapse a side menu, and the home page is a little bit heavy on the links, but I wouldn’t have expected a major credit card company to grab my attention through useful information rather than sending paper to be used as fire kindling. Not bad, MasterCard.

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Chris Campbell

MasterCard Goodness by Chris Campbell

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  1. Kyle Korleski · 4 years ago

    Oh yeah, I know. It is best to add as much semantic content as possible to a website. This is great for SEO.