If you’re a fan of the lightbox gone wild feature, have a look at the Sébastien’s prototype JavaScript windows class over at blogus.xilinus.com. In addition to a lightbox or modal window, the class allows you to easily create nice looking windows using prototype and script.aculo.us.

While I’m on the lightbox subject, we plan on re-releasing an updated lightbox implementation in the near future. We never expected the feature to gain so much popularity, and we definitely didn’t anticipate all of the various ways people would want use a lightbox. Improvements will include the ability to easily submit a form, page content inside of a lightbox, call a lightbox via obtrusive or unobtrusive JavaScript, and run custom functions inside of a lightbox.

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Chris Campbell

Lightbox Updates by Chris Campbell

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  1. Blaise Bernier · 5 years ago

    This is really a good news! I was hoping for such a feature so I can add scriptaculous animations to my lightboxes!

  2. gogobu · 5 years ago

    Let’s just hope the near future is not too far away… :)

  3. Simon de Haan · 5 years ago

    Its been around for a while but we’ve released a Lightbox variation aswell, basically pulled out the AJAX you guys added for a more search engine friendly version. You can find it here http://www.eight.nl/files/leightbox

  4. Blaise Bernier · 5 years ago

    Sadly, I think that your script is obtrusive : i desactivated JScript and I was unable to get the content. I guess that in that case disabling CSS too would do the job, but I prefer the standard lightbox that let you see the content even when jscript is unavailable

  5. Ruby · 5 years ago

    What a fantastic alternative to having the click-to-popup-a-smaller-window-to-display-something- then-click-to-close-and-return-to-where-you-were dilemma…This really provides THE ideal solution. The scrollbar issue though in WIN/IE is problematic. Am crossing my fingers and hoping that will be addressed.

    Others have articulated the problem far better than I could have. Here’s one of them:

    “One problem I ran into is if I use this on a page with a vertical scrollbar, launch the lightbox, and then close it, in IE on Windows, I get a horizontal scrollbar.”

    A suggested solution didn’t work or I didn’t quite understand it.

    Thanks very much for your efforts and for sharing this implementation.

  6. Blaise Bernier · 5 years ago

    I’m using Lightbox to show the content of my website and it’s really nice. The thing is that when I close the window and popup another one, even if I load a different text, the scrollbar stay where it was. I mean : if i was at the end of the text, when I load a new page, i’m still at the end of this page… how to fix this?? anybody have an idea? Mail me : grunt_lord (at) sympatico.ca

  7. Blaise Bernier · 5 years ago

    Solution found : add this line in the Lightbox creation code :

    $(‘lbcontent’).scrollTop = 0;

    And the content will be scrolled to the top automatically

  8. Mark J · 5 years ago

    Hey Chris, Was wondering if there is any update on a possible release date of the new version. Really looking forward to it.

  9. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    Hey Mark,

    Probably in the next two weeks. Kevin has another feature on Ajax wireframing going up any day now, and we’re moving from California to Florida this weekend. After I’m situated in Florida, I’ll finish it up.

  10. Mark J · 5 years ago

    Sounds good Chris.

    Your implementation is stil the nicests looking out there, just need to get full access to the js functions to make it a little more usable for us.

  11. Curtis · 5 years ago

    Please also support/debugging of MOV files inside a lightbox

  12. alex · 4 years ago

    I also prefer LightBox Gone Wild to any implementation out there, but was wondering if anybody has made a patch to it so that it could be easily used with Scriptacuouls Effects? I know that the above metioned Windows does it — but the overhead there is too big if you just want a simple lightbox with appear and fade effects… Any hints would be highly appreciated. Alex

  13. Jon · 4 years ago

    We are using this great piece of code to show an iframe. The content must be displayed inside an iframe because some of it has to do a postback.

    So my issue is with the closing of the lightbox. I can not get away with putting the close button on the outside of the iframe. I currently have the close button (an image) calling a on the parent document. This works great, except the second time I try and display, then close, I get an error in protottype about “parentNode is null or not an object, line 947. I am guessing because the click event is being simulated or since it comes from a differnt window and form, it has an issue. Any ideas.

  14. Josh · 4 years ago

    Chris, I hope that update comes soon. I could really use it. ;)

  15. theresa · 4 years ago

    When I used it on my local machine it worked fine but on the server when you click to that page it says error and aborts- why??? Also I can’t get the previous and next to work. Looks great though…..

  16. Rich · 4 years ago

    I’ve noticed some people are having issues in internet explorer with an unwanted horizontal scrollbar.

    Try putting this on the page containing the lightbox (and if your lightbox is displaying within a frame or iframe, put it on the actual page with the lightbox, or the page that will show in the frame (containing the lightbox) instead of the main page that will display the frame/lightbox. Put this snippet between the head and the body.

     HTML { overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: auto;}  body {margin-right: 16px;}

    (removing the spaces after the

    (removing the spaces after the

  17. Rich · 4 years ago

    Err. . I guess the code didn’t show up but here’s a link to the fix and its explanation.


  18. boom · 4 years ago

    Thanks for the insights

  19. Cole · 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug. Using the script on our archtitecture site, it works great for this type of portfolio. http://www.studioparati.com/

  20. Jim · 4 years ago

    It would be helpful if lightbox wasn’t 50KB in size.

    All our users complain that “it doesn’t work”.

    After careful examination of the problem, we found out that while the page if nearly loaded (but not completely loaded), our users have already clicked on an image.

    As a result, lightbox won’t work (because it hasn’t completely loaded) and the result is an ugly half-loaded page showing the big image in a white background.

  21. Jared · 4 years ago

    any updates on a date for a new release? i am eagerly anticipating it :)

  22. Mike · 4 years ago

    Is it safe to assume that lighbox gone wild will not be updated?

  23. Brian · 4 years ago

    Anybody knows why forms do not get submitted when using a Lightbox? I have a mailer form that works when called directly but not when called from a lightbox.

  24. Alex Egg · 4 years ago

    How do I call Leightbox from javascript?