About a month and a half ago, we announced that we were beginning work on a PDF web development magazine. Since that announcement, we’ve been gathering, soliciting and building non-stop to create something very special—Treehouse.

There’s still a lot more work to do, but we are very happy to be in a position to present some tangible evidence of the work that has consumed us for the last few weeks. We’ve been extremely fortunate to get an all-star crew (Jeremy Keith, Shaun Inman, John Zeratsky, Jason Santa Maria, Jonathan Snook and Paul Scrivens) to contribute a ton of great content to the first issue. As of this moment, the issue is weighing in at about 60 pages. Oh, and in an effort to celebrate the creation of something new and to give everyone a chance to see Treehouse’s value, we’ve decided to release the inaugural issue for free.

So, check out the web site, look at the screenshots and definitely let us know what you think.

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Ryan Campbell

Introducing Treehouse Magazine by Ryan Campbell

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  1. Frank Manno · 5 years ago

    Looking forward to it, guys. Looks great!

  2. Drew Decker · 5 years ago

    GREAT! can’t wait! have any idea on how much it will be costing after the “inaugural” version? I’d like to get an idea of how much it will be costing me :)

  3. Alexander Kintis · 5 years ago

    Looks great guys, keep up the good work.

    Will this be only available on the web or are you planning on making printed copies?

    Personally, I lose interest in reading things on my computer which require my full attention for more than one or two pages. Whether its an eBook or a really long article it ends up feeling like a chore. And that’s even if im really interested in it! I guess that’s why eBooks havn’t taken off yet in the online world. Yes, they’re out there, but they don’t hold much value.

    Those are my two cents.

  4. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    It’ll be $3.00 Drew.


    For now it will only be in PDF format. I agree, it is hard to read on the computer screen and with that in mind, Kevin has tried as hard as possible to make it an easy read. There will also be a printable PDF version if you would like to print it. We would love to put out a printed version and may do so in the future, but we need to know a little more about demand, revenues, and logistics of a print magazine.

  5. Drew Decker · 5 years ago

    Thanks alot! I’m in, 3 bucks? That’s perfect pricing. Look, people should let the topics of this site as a place to relax just use the RSS feeds, while having a good read with this new design article. I mean, seriously, its not a hassle.

    Developers of this magazine have taken much time and effort (i think) to prepare a great “periodical”. Not to mention having such great contributers to contribute to. And its in PDF form! I mean, they could have written a nice word doc, or other office app, or something like that. But they made it available in the one format that is known worldwide and in a FREE format.

    My two cents is, great job, good luck, and I’m all over this. Great pricing, and great content.

  6. Alexander Kintis · 5 years ago

    Three dollars. Does that mean, one dollar goes to each person? Since there are three of you guys?—I think.

    Also, do you guys do any kind of marketing or advertising for particletree? I know it is more of a trade web site dealing with professionals, but what about getting more exposure so more professionals are aware?. Do you guys do this at all?

  7. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    Yeah I guess you could look at it as a dollar per person. I probably deserve 2 or at least 1.75.

    No, we do not market or advertise Particletree, but rely on word of mouth.

    For Treehouse, we will be activly marketing and try to hit web professionals and schools in particular.

  8. Raena · 5 years ago

    Lovely mag.

    Points lost for the sheep stealing bylines, and the cardinal sin of spelling Jeffrey Veen’s name incorrectly. Also, where are the ladies?

  9. Kevin Hale · 5 years ago

    Alright Veen’s name can be fixed in about a minute here … sigh, thank god it’s PDF and not paper. I’m not sure I understand your concern about the bylines? Do you mean proselytizing in the bylines? I guess to a certain extent I could aruge that any writer creates in an attempt to convert the reader and that while each author probably does have an agenda … I think each article in Treehouse was worthy of consumption nonetheless.

    As far as the ladies are concerned, we ask ourselves that question every single night. :) No, seriously, we’re working on that and we actually have some females lined up in future issues. Remember, the magazine is open to submissions and so anyone, regardless of gender, race, etc, is entirely welcome to write for Treehouse.