It’s that time of the year again. The sun shines longer, the grass turns greener, and the tech conferences are in full swing. We’re pretty pumped about attending some of this year’s events of the since we weren’t able to get out much last year due to the whole starting a business thing. And while we’re excited about attending the events, we’re extra excited to be speaking at them. So if you’re going to be in attendance at any of the following conferences, check us out if the panels interest you, and if you see us in the hallways, restaurants, or bathrooms, be sure to say hi.

South by Southwest

Panel - Web App Autopsy


Ryan Campbell, William Flagg (Regonline), John Zeratsky (FeedBurner), Josh Williams (Firewheel Design), will be discussing how much code it takes to launch a web


There’s a lot you can learn from just looking at your own code line by line. Join us as we dissect a live web application that uses modern web technologies and see how the code can show us what it took to create a web app from idea to launch. We’ll answer questions about conversion ratios, after launch concerns, attracting users, code line counts, and how much does Ajax really help or hurt, and at what cost to development time? Does implementing a payment system really take a third of your code? Find out the answers to these and much more as we see which business processes were the easiest to implement by looking at code length, time to implement, and the support required.


Saturday, March 10th 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Panel Ten Ways to Run a Startup Like Genghis Khan


Kevin Hale


In twenty-five years, the Mongol army subjugated more lands and people than the Romans had conquered in four hundred years. Whether measured by the total number of people defeated, the sum of the countries annexed, or by the total area occupied, Genghis Khan conquered more than twice as much as any other man in history and he did it all with an army that was nearly always outnumbered 3 to 1 on the battlefield. While every technique doesn’t always translate well, we’ll show you ten that works great in a startup.


Sunday, March 11th 4:05 pm - 4:30 pm

Under the Radar


Speakers: Chris Campbell,

Description -


Web 2.0 Expo

Ryan ( Kevin (

HTML Form Builder
Chris Campbell

Holiday Season Stats Revisited by Chris Campbell

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