An article at [InformationWeek]( “Is Google Losing It?”) questions if Google is losing sight of search while focusing on IM, e-mail, and other “ancillary features”. The author says, “Nowadays, when you use it to do a comparative search on consumer and small-business offerings, Google hacks and totally unrelated sites keep popping up to the top—and the problem is getting worse. Yet instead of solving the problem, Google is creating more e-mail and IM services.”

I think Google has slipped a smidge, but they will not lose sight of search when billions in revenues rely on solving people’s problems. How have your Google searches been lately? Also, here are a few related links on the subject.

  • Report Spam - Help take out the trash by reporting your bad search results.

  • Google is So Last Week - “The backbone of Google’s search-results sorting is still Page Rank, and, frankly, it’s not keeping up with the content available on the Web. Often, finding the most popular sites isn’t what I want; I need to find the most authoritative sites or ones that were evaluated by experts, or I need to look at just one aspect of a topic.”

  • Compare Google and Yahoo - This can take a second to load but seems interesting. Enter a keyword and compare the search engine results.

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Chris Campbell

Google Losing Sight of Search? by Chris Campbell

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  1. Gerard McGarry · 5 years ago

    One of my sought-after search terms is “Web Design Northern Ireland”. I find in Google I’m ranked pretty poorly (75th), but in MSN I’m 18th and in Yahoo I’m 6th.

    That said, I much prefer Google to the other two in terms of my own searching. Maybe I should switch alegiances to the engines that perform better for me!

  2. Adriana · 5 years ago

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  3. Derek Organ · 5 years ago

    I just posted something about that recently on my blog. It was just something that i noticed recently. Interesting to see others are noticing it too. Yahoo is by no means perfect but recently I’ve found it better for finding relevant results.

    Google’s sandbox filters out allot of new good relevant websites. To a certain extent I think its a victim of success. They have had to make up so many rules to stop black hat style SEOs that it has adversely effected it results.

    This is a link to the my recent blog which highlights another thing that annoys me about Google search.

  4. Ryan Campbell · 5 years ago

    I’ve actually been impressed with MSN the most lately. More and more I find that I don’t get the results I want on Google, so I go to MSN and get satisfying results.