Ok, so you’re doing the whole freelance thing and it’s great and all, but you want something bigger. Something better. But how? How do you lodge yourself into the clog that is business and become the next Gates/Jobs/Dell/Bezos? Well, here’s some resources we’ve used personally to help with the enigma that is incorporating and entrepreneurship in America.

  • Entrepreneur.com - From startups to exit strategies, this site has it all.

  • Business.gov - Good ol’ federal governement. Who better to learn about the clogs than the cloggiest clog of them all? Business.gov helps you deal with the 40+ federal agencies that aid in launching, managing, and growing a business. Best feature: being able to search all the federal agency forms in one place.

  • United States Small Business Administration - The site is geared towards the core of capitalism, the little man, the small business. They have advice for young entrepreneurs, practical startup guides and sample business plans.

  • The Small Business Development Center also provides help to budding entrepreneurs and is housed under the SBA. With plenty of centers located around the country, you can schedule appointments to get face to face business advice.

  • SCORE - “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit organization offering free small business advice.

  • The Startup Venture Toolbox - “The goal of the Toolbox is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and assistance necessary to help achieve their desired goals as well as to provide a forum for the exploration of entrepreneurial ideas and issues.”

  • Zeromillion.com - Provides advice to those just getting started or with an established business. Covers all major business topics and has an interesting section on young entrepreneurship.

  • AllBusiness - “Offers resources including how-to articles, business forms, contracts and agreements, expert advice, blogs, business news, business directory listings, product comparisons, business guides, a small business association and more.” Best feature: the site offers RSS feeds for each area of advice.

  • Center for Business Planning - Experts offer advice and articles on business plans, marketing strategy, marketing plans, pricing plans, sales plans, and more. Best feature: good examples of high quality business plans.

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Chris Campbell

Getting Started with Entrepreneurship Roundup by Chris Campbell

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