Are you a windows user and just not satisfied with alt tabbing? Maybe even a little jealous at Apple’s expose? Try out TaskSwitchXP or TopDesk. TaskSwitch XP is like alt tabbing on steroids and TopDesk is basically expose running on a PC. I installed TopDesk on my laptop, which is not all that powerful in the graphics department (64mb shared memory), but the transitions are seamless.

If you’re looking for more goodies, I ran across both of these programs at this little gem last night.

HTML Form Builder
Chris Campbell

Expose for Windows by Chris Campbell

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  1. Mislav · 5 years ago

    Wow, that’s really something! Just yesterday I was working on a friends iBook and seen expose for the first time… MacOS GUI has been truly taken to the max, not just in the ‘fancy’ way but with high effect on usability, too.

    Too bad that any Windows software that tries to imitate some of MacOS GUI elements (like ObjectDock and this here TopDesk) takes a bit from the processing power while all MacOS visuals are hardware based, so the user doesn’t have to choose between speed and looks – he can have both.

  2. Chris Campbell · 5 years ago

    I agree there is nothing quite like expose on a mac. It will be interesting to see how the Longhorn interface turns out.