Our 9rules friend, Bryan of Avalonstar, is kicking off his 5th online year bash with a t-shirt contest. The crazy thing is, he’s offering the winner to choose from any of the following dream prizes:

  • I dream of 1000 songs in my pocket. (an iPod Nano)
  • I dream of music. (a 20GB iPod or $300 to the iTunes music store)
  • I dream of anime. ($300 towards anything at Animenation.com)
  • I dream of SixApart. (a Movable Type License or a lifetime LiveJournal account)
  • I dream of AJAX. (Blinksale, Backpack and Basecamp)
  • I dream of code. (Macromedia Studio 8, the Educational Version)
  • I dream of pictures. (Flickr Pro for as long as $300 buys you or a digital camera)
  • I dream of games. (a Sony PSP Bundle or $300 of console stuff you love)
  • I dream of clothes. (a $300 Threadless Gift Certificate)
  • I dream of stuff. (a $300 Amazon Gift Certificate)
  • I dream of being a geek. ($300 to spend at ThinkGeek, you geek.)
  • I dream of sleep. (The BodyPillow and Extra-Thick Neck Pillow by Tempur-Pedic�)
  • I dream of personalization. (Really wow me and you’ll find out.)
  • Bryan dreams of sponsors. (Anything that anybody would want to donate.)

Yeah, I know. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, if you got the skills then definitely check it out and submit before the deadline next week (September 21, 2005).

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Kevin Hale

Dream Contest by Kevin Hale

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