It’s about time you got your hands dirty. Here’s 4 sweet JavaScript techniques to get you started :

  • Animate Div - I began with some basic animation techniques, such as growing and shrinking a div. You’ll need to know how to use setTimeout() and also how it differs from setInterval(). After that, you’re ready to jump into some real animation.

  • Yellow Fade Technique - We all know the great minds at 37 singals thought this up, but how can you implement it in your project? To answer that, we must turn to Nick Chapman’s Implementation.

  • Drag and Drop - Simon Cozens wrote up this drag and drop intro that eventually sparked Tim Taylor to come up with this masterpiece.

  • Editing - Tim Taylor strikes again with his Edit in Place implementation. You may also want to look at the popular [editable business card]( Usability/usable-XMLHttpRequest/ “Editing and user interface”) over at Baekdal. Personally, I’m looking forward to the possibilities opened up by the IE only contenteditable.

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Ryan Campbell

Down and Dirty with JavaScript by Ryan Campbell

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