One of my most favorite web sites ever, Design Observer, just announced that they have passed a 4 million site visit milestone since launching in October 2003 (they also spotted a bunch of totally sweet links).

If you’re not in the know, Design Observer is chock-full of intelligent commentary, insight and discussion on all things design. The editors do a fantastic job creating and bringing top-notch content regularly to their readers and they do it because they love it—because good deserves presence and presence deserves a free place to dwell.

What they give to the community is a rare and inspiring thing and I’m glad to see that people actually go, experience and become inspired by what they do.

Kudos, Design Observer. I raise my goblet to your excellence.

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Kevin Hale

Design Observer : Good Stuff by Kevin Hale

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  1. luxuryluke · 5 years ago

    [ching!] Bottoms up! [/ching!]