There is a strange sensation stirring in our chests. Either we’re infected with something alien or a new issue of Treehouse must be out. Since I can’t remember making out with any “face-huggers” recently, I think it must be the latter.

This issue is our third iteration through the process and we think it’s our best issue to date. We’re sporting two new ideas in this issue: demo screenshots and conversations.

Tutorials are now accompanied by screenshots of online demos in action. In addition to providing some nice eye-candy, we think they help illustrate ideas and concepts for readers who prefer to print out the publication.

Inspired by the work done over by the folks at Born Magazine ( we’re trying out a new format for one of our interviews. Basically, we’ve asked two web professionals to interview each other about their experiences in the industry. To help kick things off right, the venerable Dan Cederholm and the honorable Jon Hicks stepped up to help us out. It turned out to be a lot fun and I’ll expect you’ll see more of these in issues to come.

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Chris Campbell

December Is Here by Chris Campbell

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  1. Benedict · 5 years ago

    Very impressed with this issue; may make some further comments elsewhere later. Nice work, lads.

  2. Heiko · 5 years ago

    Great stuff your Treehouse Magazin. Favorite Article at this issue is “Psychology & Usability” by Dave Munger and of course my favorite “Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layouts” by Kevin Hale. I really like this mix of your articles between JavaScript, Layout and Usability. Good Luck for the future with treehousemagazine!