A few months ago I wrote about how much I missed my favorite color pickin’ tool when I switched over to my new Intel-based MacBook. I presented some alternatives, but to be honest none of them were as sexy as my good ol’ eye-dropper buddy from the lower left hand corner. Well this weekend, Alex Sirota finally released 1.0 of Colorzilla and it comes with sweet Intel Mac and Firefox 2 through 3 support. Here’s a quick run down of improvements.

  • Intel Mac support
  • Firefox 2 support
  • International - 24 translations are included
  • New Translations!
  • Option to copy the last ColorZilla formatted status value to the clipboard
  • And other minor tweaks and bug fixes

Alex, a raise of the goblet to ya. Now, get out there and upgrade!.

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Kevin Hale

Colorzilla for Intel Mac! by Kevin Hale

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  1. Mark · 4 years ago

    How is this better than Digital Color Meter?

  2. Kevin Hale · 4 years ago

    It’s not necessarily better. For my web development workflow, Firefox and the web developer toolbar is nearly always open for me and so it’s just “faster” for me to be able to grab a color without having to launch another application. My favorite part about Colorzilla, is the fact that you can easily grab web safe colors around the picked color (variations in brightness and contrast) so you can create css bevels and borders very, very easily. Digital Color Meter doesn’t do this.

  3. Dave · 4 years ago

    Love the fact that you can get the hex code in lowercase. Only just noticed this. Was it part of the upgrade or have I been manually editing these unnecessarily for months! Great plug in

  4. Ilija Studen · 4 years ago

    GREAT! I’ve been missing Colorzilla ever since I switched to Mac.

    I just noticed a strange bug. When you use Colorzilla and Zoom (Ctrl+Wheel Up/Down) and pick any color Colorzilla selects some dark color, usually black. Strange stuff.

  5. André Luís · 4 years ago

    So much more than a simple color picker. Fastest way to the dom, if you ask me.

    Thanks for the tip! I have been craving for this for a while…