Try saying that three times fast. Recently, I tried using Backpack to organize my Particletree life a little differently this month. And it was great. I don’t forget my ideas anymore because it’s easy to jot down. My thoughts are better organized. And it forces me to go through the proper writing/editing process.

Each feature I do for the site involves a significant amount of time, energy and research. Before Backpack, I had multiple files and bookmarks spread over multiple computers, and it really became a hassle to keep versions and ideas straight and focused. Because I use three different computers regularly, a web-based service like Backpack allows me to work on a feature wherever I am. Plus, it’s nice to be able to easily send files back and forth with Kevin, who serves double duty as our editor.

Here’s a peak at the Backpack page I used to create Successful Strategies For Commenting Code. Note that the actual Word files (outline / rough draft / etc) are hidden from you.

I was able to keep all of my files in one central location, as well as any of the resources needed to continue work on the project. Whenever I needed Kevin to look over something for me, all I had to do was send him a link. I was skeptical at first about using the program, but I have to give credit where it’s due. While I understand Paul’s point of view, you should still give it a test run for your own site.

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Ryan Campbell

Blog Better With Backpack by Ryan Campbell

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  1. Ben · 5 years ago

    I signed up for Backpack when it first came back and haven’t looked at it since. Is it clever… it’s alright I suppose, but it’s yet another login that I need to remember and yet another website to use when I want to do something with my blog.

    I use a plugin for wordpress called cjd-notepad and put notes for anything and everything in there. This way I can just use my blog control panel to as a to-do list/ electronic notepad.

    I don’t work with others so I guess I can see how the collaborative ideas might be useful. Not sure how cjd notepad works with separate wordpress users…

  2. Jesse J. Anderson · 5 years ago

    I’d have to agree with Ben, I signed up for Backpack and thought it looked great, but instead it’s just one more thing to help me organize life that I never look at because in my unorganized life I don’t have time to check it out.

  3. Ryan Campbell · 5 years ago

    Just like you two, I signed up for Backpack when it first came out and I quit using it within a week. In fact, I haven’t come across a situation related to real life where I prefer to use it. For example, travel planning. I prefer to do that locally on my laptop, and have no need for “another organizational program.”

    For some reason, it feels right for my blogging habits. Sure, I could store everything on an ftp site, but this just feels easier. Like Ben said, this may be influenced by the fact that we are a group blog, and quick and easy sharing is important.

  4. Jake · 5 years ago

    Looks like everyone’s story starts out the same…

    I signed up for backpack and thought, “Hey, this is pretty stinkin’ cool…but 37s really needs to work on their design skills.” So, for a month or two I completly dropped it. Now, I don’t know how I ever launched a website without it! I love the being able to just keep that open in a tab in firefox and add to my to do list things that need to be done.

    Before, things always got lost in the fog. I’d be working on one problem, then run across another “easier” problem I thought I’d fix “real quick.” Two hours later, I finally had that bug squashed and had no memory of what I was trying to do before. Now, when I find a problem one a site, I just add it to the to do list and keep doing what I’m doing. Myself or someone else on the crew will take care of it soon enough and everything is well documented.

    Helps amazingly with case studies too.

  5. Bryan · 5 years ago

    I never got into using backpack, but at work their tada list is great. Trying to remember 500 things isn’t impossible now.

  6. Pete Freitag · 5 years ago

    I am starting to use backpack for organizing my blog posts now too. Works good so far.

    I even wrote a shell script for adding items to backpack todo lists:

  7. Luke · 5 years ago

    I don’t work with others so I guess I can see how the collaborative ideas might be useful. Not sure how cjd notepad works with separate wordpress users… I am come from