I started listening to audiobooks about two months ago for about 30 - 60 minutes a day. Basically, I’ve added learning to driving, shopping and resting. My new favorite routine involves a half an hour each night before bed listening and relaxing. I wouldn’t recommend listening to programming audiobooks, but there is something very appropriate about hearing inspiration from the voices of business and self development authors.

And I’m not the only fan. Matt Haughey wrote a great review on audiobooks while he was taking over the reins of Lifehacker few weeks ago.

As much as I’d like to highlight a number of places you could find audiobooks, I can’t. Audible.com is really the only choice I’ve found. There’s just not that many good deals out there. You just can’t beat a $10 a book. However, do let me know if there’s better deals out there.

I’d also like to not recommend what my brother Ryan did, which was listen to an audiobook with the physical book in hand (yeah, he was listening AND reading) under the hot Florida sun without sun block for two hours. It leaves a mark.

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