Whew! That took a little longer than expected. If you’re seeing this then we’ve happily moved over from our Media Temple dedicated virtual hosting server over to the spanking new grid server. We decided that the new crib deserved a makeover so we’ve redesigned the site and changed our content manager from Movabletype to WordPress.

I’m still getting caught up on what goes where and so a couple of the older posts and features need a little more TLC. I’m also still cleaning house in various areas (I’m still working on archives and search), but I’m happy enough to get us back on track again.

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Kevin Hale

And We’re Back! by Kevin Hale

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  1. Michael Hessling · 4 years ago

    Media Temple announced the new grid a day after I re-upped (for a year) with Dreamhost. Regrets aplenty.

    Lovin’ your new look. It’s a gridded pleasure.

  2. Julian Schrader · 4 years ago

    Congrats to the new (gs)!

    I’m currently moving one project after another. ;-)

  3. Henrik Lied · 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.

    …at least you guys should get one for innovation. Love the new design :-)

  4. Matthew Pennell · 4 years ago

    Interesting approach to comments layout. I’ll be moving to (gs) pretty soon as well.

  5. paul · 4 years ago

    i love the colours, so much fall goodness!

  6. Noah Winecoff · 4 years ago

    How do you like the Grid server hosting package? I am interested in this package also.

  7. Cliff Spence · 4 years ago

    Hey Neighbor! Love the new look, nice work.

    I’ve been on the (gs) for awhile (since it was in beta) and love it. Mostly using it for a few WordPress blogs and some Rails apps. Fast and reliable, so I’m happy so far.

  8. Grant Palin · 4 years ago

    The comments are interesting, never seen a layout like that before. Seems a little funny though - I guess I’m just used to seeing an obvious chronological ordering for comments.

    You say you’ve started using WordPress on the site; I’d be interested in seeing articles on how you used WP to suit your needs - that’s always interesting to read, how you can modify WP for what you need!

  9. Gareth · 4 years ago

    New design is looking spiffy!

    I like what you’ve done with the comments layout. Don’t think I’ve seen this layout before.

  10. Derek Punsalan · 4 years ago

    Very interesting comments section. Could be difficult to follow on long winded discussions but interesting nonetheless.

  11. JBagley · 4 years ago

    Way cool comment section! left, right, left right, left, right!

    Awesome stuff. Did you okes have any trouble moving from Moveable Type to WordPress?

  12. kevinn · 4 years ago

    Woah, a bit far too out for reading comments the ‘usual’ way, but very cool.

  13. Graham · 4 years ago

    boo hoo i want the old design back :(

  14. juliet · 4 years ago

    great use uf color!

  15. Gerard @ Interweb World · 4 years ago

    Hey! I signed up for the Grid service about a week ago - working much better than the dreaded DH! Good to hear you’ve finally succumbed to WordPress…what took you so long?

  16. Richard Davies · 4 years ago

    Who said that all CSS-based designs were boxy? ;-)

  17. Kumar Chetan · 4 years ago

    thanks, i missed particletree

  18. Michael Zipser · 4 years ago

    I´ve never seen such a clean Design. Wow. But a hard cut to the old Design. Whatever, I love it.

  19. icaaq · 4 years ago

    I really like the new design, but i do miss the searchbox on the startpage.

  20. sfsf · 4 years ago

    Everyone needs a hug.

  21. Erik Kallevig · 3 years ago

    Great articles on this site — don’t know where you guys find the time to write insightful articles and put out such beautiful code (and design) at Wufoo. One question I had as I’ve been doing some WordPress development myself is about the method you used to split your content into ‘Features’ and ‘Notebook’ entries. Did you use categories, a plugin, or something more glamorous?