Lazy Web Weekend Request : This isn’t web related, but it’s a good one. A few months ago I read about how any diesel engine could be converted to run on vegetable oil for minimal cost. After the conversion, enviro-hobbyists have been going around to diners and filling up on the restaurants’ used fryer waste oil.

Here’s what I offer the world : convert school buses to run on vegetable oil and then have fast food restaurants in the community “sponsor” them by giving them their used French fry oil. Now, I would recommend having them fill up at the school cafeterias and make the system self-contained, but I have the feeling there might not be enough used vegetable oil generated by schools to fuel all the buses. This system offers several advantages. It saves the school system on buying fuel. It saves the fast food restaurants on disposable costs (and you could offer tax incentives). It saves the environment. It saves the children.

I like it. You like it. Let’s get on it.

Update : Apparently, some dudes from Montana have something like this for university parking shuttles. That’s what I like to see.

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Kevin Hale

A Better School Transportation System by Kevin Hale

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